3 Reasons for Your Manual Garage Door Woes

Garage doors are the largest movable components in several homes. A faulty garage door poses is a serious safety hazard. Here are a couple of common reasons why your manually operated garage door may not work properly. Broken springs Broken springs are the most culpable reason behind garage door malfunctions. When the torsion or extension springs on a garage door snap, the weight of the garage door may come crushing on your car or anyone standing in the trajectory of the door. Read More 

Building a house with a rooftop garden

If you want to knock your house down and build a new home with more space, it can be hard to lose your garden and outdoor entertaining space. One of the great new options in your home design is to incorporate a rooftop garden. Here are some of the advantages of a rooftop garden.   Makes the most of the block If you have a small block, even going up an extra storey may not be enough to give you all of the living space that you require. Read More 

Co-investing in property with your siblings

With the growing price of housing in Australia, finding the deposit for a property investment can be hard. If you are not yet ready to settle into a property purchase to live in but want to park your existing home deposit in the property market then co-investing in a investment property with a sibling can be a good option and is becoming more and more popular. Here are some things to consider when contemplating co-investing in property with your sibling. Read More 

Property Owners: Are You Too Emotionally Involved With Your Investment?

There's nothing wrong with being overly proud of owning an investment property, but is this pride interfering with the way you deal with it? As a first-time investment property owner, you need to know about the dangers of becoming emotionally involved with your rental property. Being able to recognise in advance that you aren't dealing with this situation effectively could stop you from losing money in the future. What Are The Signs Of Emotional Attachment? Read More 

Bed Bugs: The Two Best Products For Stopping Them Without Spending A Fortune

Bed bugs are the silent bandits, staying hidden under your bed sheets and causing mayhem. If you're suffering from a persistent itch when you sleep in your bed, or you notice small blood spots on your sheets, there is a good chance that you have a bed bug infestation. The reason that bed bugs stay under your sheets, and in dark places, is because they love the warmth and they have easy access to food. Read More