5 Simple Steps to Improving the Office Environment

Surveys show almost two-thirds of Australians feel emotionally detached from their job. They show up, do just enough work to avoid being fired, but don't enjoy coming to the office or spending time with their coworkers. If this unenthusiastic attitude describes your workforce, then making just a few simple changes to their environment could help to banish gloom and help employees look forward to coming to work. Try these five tips to improve your office environment and get workers feeling good about your company. Read More 

3 Reasons for Your Manual Garage Door Woes

Garage doors are the largest movable components in several homes. A faulty garage door poses is a serious safety hazard. Here are a couple of common reasons why your manually operated garage door may not work properly. Broken springs Broken springs are the most culpable reason behind garage door malfunctions. When the torsion or extension springs on a garage door snap, the weight of the garage door may come crushing on your car or anyone standing in the trajectory of the door. Read More 

Bed Bugs: The Two Best Products For Stopping Them Without Spending A Fortune

Bed bugs are the silent bandits, staying hidden under your bed sheets and causing mayhem. If you're suffering from a persistent itch when you sleep in your bed, or you notice small blood spots on your sheets, there is a good chance that you have a bed bug infestation. The reason that bed bugs stay under your sheets, and in dark places, is because they love the warmth and they have easy access to food. Read More 

Five Tips for Successfully Packing Your Children’s Rooms

Packing your home for a move is always a challenging process, and children can make it even harder. Luckily, there are tips that can help. When packing your kids' rooms, in particular, take advantage of these ideas: 1. Progress slowly. Don't shock your child by packing up almost everything they own while they're away at school or daycare. Instead, progress through the process slowly. This helps your child acclimate to the idea of moving while also allowing you to get things done. Read More