5 Simple Steps to Improving the Office Environment

Surveys show almost two-thirds of Australians feel emotionally detached from their job. They show up, do just enough work to avoid being fired, but don't enjoy coming to the office or spending time with their coworkers. If this unenthusiastic attitude describes your workforce, then making just a few simple changes to their environment could help to banish gloom and help employees look forward to coming to work. Try these five tips to improve your office environment and get workers feeling good about your company.

1. Encourage Employees to Take Breaks Together

Regular breaks are essential for employees' concentration and productivity. They're also an opportunity for workers to chat, make friends and share work-related worries that are playing on their minds. Encourage your employees to take regular breaks by providing a break room with a coffee machine, water cooler, plenty of comfortable seating and welcoming decor.

2. Provide Supportive Office Furniture

A shocking 80 percent of people experience back pain at some point in their lives, often as a result of working long hours at a desk without the right support. If your employees are complaining of aches and pains, consider investing in new ergonomic chairs and desks to bring them some relief. It's much easier to feel enthusiastic about your work when you're not in pain, so this simple measure could result in a boost in employee morale.

3. Let in Natural Light

Natural sunlight makes many people feel happy and relaxed, but many offices shut out the sun to prevent computer screen glare and overheating. Rather than pulling down the blinds on a beautiful day, consider rearranging the furniture in your office so workers can avoid glare without having to miss out on natural light. You can address the overheating issue by using slatted blinds, which block out a lot of direct sunlight while still allowing employees to see out of the windows.

4. Purify With Plants

Office plants can reduce feelings of stress, as well as improving indoor air quality by soaking up airborne pollutants and releasing oxygen. No-one likes to see dead or dying plants around the office, so select plants that can thrive indoors with minimal care, such as the peace lily.

5. Keep It Clean

Forcing employees to work in a dirty environment shows a serious lack of respect, which is likely to lower morale. Hire an office cleaning service to give the office a deep clean and ensure that regular cleanings keep it that way from now on.