3 Reasons for Your Manual Garage Door Woes

Garage doors are the largest movable components in several homes. A faulty garage door poses is a serious safety hazard. Here are a couple of common reasons why your manually operated garage door may not work properly.

Broken springs

Broken springs are the most culpable reason behind garage door malfunctions. When the torsion or extension springs on a garage door snap, the weight of the garage door may come crushing on your car or anyone standing in the trajectory of the door.

Garage doors that use extension springs often expand to slow the speed at which the door closes, and then contract when the door is opened. Doors that use torsion springs operate by winding up so as to lift the weight of the door. Spring breaks are usually accompanied by breaking of the garage door cable. Therefore, you should replace the cable when you are replacing the springs. This is a job that a professional locksmith can help you do safely.

Broken lock handle

When the lock handle positioned on the outside of your garage door gets broken, you will not be able to open the door, as there is no tension to engage the springs. In order to restore normal service, broken door handles must be replaced with handles of a suitable or compatible brand. A professional locksmith can provide an appropriate replacement for your lock handle at an affordable price, as they usually stock up many types of door lock handles for sale to their clients. This way, you can regain quick access to your garage.

Bent track

If your garage door is not working properly, it could be that its track is bent out of shape. Because this door component is made of heavy metal material, you will need an expert locksmith to help you straighten it. Once your locksmith has ascertained that your track does not need to be replaced, they will embark on the repairs.

Repair work involves placing a hard metal bar behind the bent section of the track. Using a hammer, the bent track will be hit back into its original shape. This is a job that may sound simple, but it requires a lot of dexterity to do properly.

Locksmith problems are common in many residential areas and you might occasionally find yourself falling victim to any of these problems. Not being able to enjoy optimal service from your doors can be really stressful. In case of a problem with your garage door, call in an expert residential locksmith; they can fix just about any garage door issue.