Building a house with a rooftop garden

If you want to knock your house down and build a new home with more space, it can be hard to lose your garden and outdoor entertaining space. One of the great new options in your home design is to incorporate a rooftop garden. Here are some of the advantages of a rooftop garden.  

Makes the most of the block

If you have a small block, even going up an extra storey may not be enough to give you all of the living space that you require. By incorporating a rooftop garden into the plan you can build  to the edges of your block with our sacrificing much needed green space and outdoor entertaining area.

More privacy

If most homes in your area are double storey, you can get more privacy by building up and then utilising the roof space for a garden. This can be great for people with young children, or people who like some privacy while tanning or entertaining. 

Energy efficiency 

Rooftop gardens are very energy efficient as they reduce heat absorption. This reduces the need for air conditioning by keeping it cooler, as well as helping to insulate the building when air conditioning or heating is switched on. This can result in big energy savings in the hot Australian summer, creating environmental benefits as well as offering savings on your energy bill. In order to maximise this effect, ensure that any paved areas and furniture are in a light, reflective colour to minimise heat absorption. 

Better garden conditions

If you live in a block that has previously been used for heavy industry, as is the case in much of the Australian inner city suburbs, it's all too possible that your soil still has high levels of lead and other nasties. These contaminants can mean any vegetables or herbs you grow in the garden also have a high level of the same nasties. Instead, by building a rooftop garden, you can start fresh with a layer of soil that is healthy and free from nasties, meaning you can confidently eat anything you grow. In many cases, this also means you'll have higher yields from anything you grow due to the healthier soil. 

If you are looking to build a new house on a small block it can be a great addition to include a rooftop garden in the plans. Why not contact a new home builder to discuss how to incorporate a rooftop garden into your new home design?