Five Tips for Successfully Packing Your Children’s Rooms

Packing your home for a move is always a challenging process, and children can make it even harder. Luckily, there are tips that can help. When packing your kids' rooms, in particular, take advantage of these ideas:

1. Progress slowly.

Don't shock your child by packing up almost everything they own while they're away at school or daycare. Instead, progress through the process slowly. This helps your child acclimate to the idea of moving while also allowing you to get things done.

Start with the closets and the least used drawers. Take the opportunity to purge what your child no longer needs and pack the rest.

2. Remove packed boxes.

Once you've packed the boxes, don't leave them in your child's room. For small children, they can be a dangerous climbing temptation, and older children may unpack them. Instead, move them to a central location -- a storage pod from a removalist company, your garage or the living room.

3. Leave out some toys.

Your kid will need something to do so make sure you leave out at least a few toys, some art supplies or their favorite electronics. To keep it pared down to the essentials, use the box test -- leave an unsealed box on their dresser, desk or floor. All of the not-yet-packed toys should fit into it.

4. Get the kids involved.

If your kids want to be involved with the process, keep them busy by assigning them tasks. Direct older children to choose toys or clothes to donate to kids in need -- knowing they are helping others can be a great motivator if they are reluctant to purge their possessions.

To keep kids who are too young to really help involved, give them a small box, and let them pretend to pack some of the toys you are packing yet.

5. Make it fun.

Don't leave your packing to the last moment and attack it in a stressed and harried manner. Instead, start early and make it fun. Listen to music you and your kids have listened to throughout the years in your home, and as you decide which items to keep or discard, take a few moments to remember together. Make it fun for the kids by letting them decorate the boxes with fun art supplies and by dancing as singing as you pack.

For more tips on packing children's rooms or other areas of your home, contact a removalist in your area.