Furnished Apartments | 3 Vital Factors Every Potential Tenant Must Know

It's a well known fact that the real estate rental market tends to favour the landlord over the tenant. But that doesn't mean that a tenant is without any rights. Landlords of furnished apartments have certain responsibilities like ongoing repair and offering the apartment in a clean state. Before signing a lease agreement with your landlord, be sure to know your own rights and consider these vital factors involved in renting out furnished apartments.

Check Furniture Closely... And Point out Blemishes in Writing

As a potential tenant on the premises, you have the right to inspect every piece of furniture thoroughly, and you must point out any faults in advance in writing. This way you will avoid any future misunderstandings and complications. For example, a couch with a tear on one side should be written down in your property inspection report, so there are no quarrels after your tenancy agreement ends. Similarly, a broken chair leg should be accounted for in the report. Far too many tenants have paid the price for blemishes that occurred in the home before they even moved in. Being clear about faults in advance will ensure that you get your entire deposit back without any deductions at the end of your lease term. Remember verbal agreements are easily forgotten after a year or more, so be sure to have everything in writing to avoid any complications.

Monitor All Appliances to Ensure they are in Working Condition

Usually furnished apartments come with everything from a refrigerator and microwave to a washing machine and oven. Keep in mind that the rent you're paying covers the cost of all these items advertised, so ensure that every appliance in the home is in good working condition before signing on the dotted line. It could be difficult to get the landlord to fix an oven a few weeks after you have moved in because you forgot to inspect it. If you find that any appliances are not in working condition, make sure the landlord gets it fixed or replaces it before you move in. It pays to be an informed tenant, because you certainly don't want to pay the price of repair when it isn't your responsibility (yet).

Get a Proper Checklist of all Items Provided with the Furnished Apartment

Every furnished apartment has a different number of items provided by the landlord, so be sure to get a proper checklist that covers every single item — even if it means listing down small items like the number of utensils and plates. Make sure the landlord covers every item in his unit without leaving out any details. This helps to avoid any confusion in the future and will help secure your deposit refund without any possible deductions.

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