Why Opt for a Transportable Home Versus One Built Onsite?

A transportable home may be built on wheels itself or it may have special design features that allow it to be easily moved with the use of a trailer. Many people are finding that a transportable home offers them options and benefits that are very different than homes built onsite.

Note a few of the reasons why you might want to opt for a transportable home versus one built onsite:

1. Temporary housing

A transportable home is a good solution for when you need temporary housing or separate housing that is set away from your main home. For example, you might want to have an older parent stay close by so you can monitor their health and safety, but they may not feel comfortable living in your home with you. A transportable home can be set up on your property so that your parent has their living space but is still very close.

This can also work for older kids who are away at university; they can have their separate space when they come home for vacations and holidays, but not need to maintain an apartment. Once you no longer have the need for the home, you can easily sell it and have it removed from your property very quickly and easily.

2. Environmentally friendly

When you have a home built onsite, you need to dig up the area for the foundation, and once the home is constructed, it puts tremendous weight on the soil. If the home is torn down, it can take years for this environmental "scar" to heal.

A transportable home, however, doesn't need this huge hole for a foundation, and is much lighter so that it doesn't cause as much damage to the environment once it's erect. After you move the home, it is often easier to repair and restore the pad or site on which it sat than it would be with a standard home built onsite.

Along with its weight, a transportable home is often much smaller than standard homes. In turn, it will typically need less energy to keep it warm or cool throughout the year. Using less energy means less pollution created at power plants. Since they can be moved with you, this too also means less chance of needing to harvest virgin materials to have a new home built once you want to relocate. This makes transportable homes for sale a more environmentally-friendly choice over a home built onsite.